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Allowing Pure Moments of Emotion to Unfold Naturally

Varna Studios is an editorial wedding photography studio, founded by Aurelijus, a visionary art director and quiet observer who tells emotional stories of love from extraordinary couples, families and cultures in stunning locations.

As your incredibly special day plays out, Aurelijus and his team are there to capture the natural, emotion-filled moments that make your wedding truly unforgettable. Documenting every tear, smile and laugh to retell your story of romance in a way that’s cinematic yet authentic and timelessly beautiful.

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Beautifully Natural Photography Inspired by Genuine Connections

His calm and considerate style of work means he can seamlessly blend into your wedding and naturally document the day as it unfolds. Capturing pure moments of raw emotion that no words could ever explain. You are always exactly where you need to be because you belong in that moment of time.

Aurelijus and his team seek beauty in those rare instances when you think no one is watching; those heart-warming looks, affectionate embraces and unfiltered expressions which tell the story of your unique day. Those powerful moments that are bursting with emotion yet no words are spoken. This allows them to effortlessly create photos that are elegant, honest and deeply moving.

"Aurelijus produces art that is captivating and emotionally moving..."

Amie Bone, Luxury floral designer, London

Honouring your unique celebration of devotion to one another is a sacred promise they take very seriously which is why they always work with one goal in mind. To do what’s best for couples, because the day is about you and no one else.

No rushing, no forcing, no stress, they support everyone from planners to suppliers ensuring they work seamlessly together so your wedding flows perfectly from the moment you wake up, to the time you say your heartfelt goodbyes.

Aurelijus’s calming energy will gently soften any overwhelm, allowing you to feel completely at ease so you can fully relax and immerse yourself in the moments that will soon be a distant memory.

The Day Is About You and No One Else

"The calmest, most discreet photographer & cinematographer on the planet,"

Bruce Russell, Luxury wedding planner, London.

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When photography and cinematography work seamlessly together, something unexplainable happens. An all-encompassing work of art, depicting the most significant day of your entire lives.

Your photos capture those ​​ephemeral moments in time, but your cinematic video observes the subtle instances where they so gracefully unravel, telling the beautiful love story between two infatuated souls. Aurelijus' unique art direction helps him to create an artistic representation of your wedding which brings an unthinkable vision to life where you are the leading characters in a love story that has beauty, glamour and raw emotion at every turn.









“From the very first consultation, it was clear that he possesses a perfect combination of creativity, expertise, and a genuine commitment to capturing the essence of each and every wedding he works on.”

Dubai wedding planner, Zainab Alsalih

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