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Andrew Solomon, award-winning author

"It is rare indeed to find someone who is both so talented and such a pleasure to work with"

Varna Studios originated from a profound passion that grew out of Aurelijus Varna's lifelong hobby. Starting with solo documentation of weddings, couples were entranced by his distinctive vision and the raw, heartfelt essence he infused into his photography. And so, Varna Studios came into existence.

In building his team, Aurelijus handpicked an exceptional group of editorial photographers and cinematographers who shared his belief in the profound value of truly knowing the couples they worked with. Together, their collective artistry delivers more than visuals, aiming to touch the souls of those who experience it. By seamlessly incorporating films alongside photographs, they breathe added depth and emotion into the final outcome. Guided by Aurelijus' finely honed vision, shaped by years of experience, every endeavour undertaken by Varna Studios bears the unmistakable imprint of his signature style. With every click of the shutter, they aim to authentically capture the purest emotions and the tender vulnerability that makes each wedding truly special.

Nestled in the heart of London, but with projects reaching far and wide, Varna Studios shoots across the globe to document high-end weddings and events for their cherished clients. It is their commitment to capturing moments that encompass beauty, timelessness, and an indescribable depth that sets them apart.


Aurelijus holds a revered status as a photographer, entrusted with capturing the essence of prestigious wedding events like Engage Summit. Additionally, his work has drawn the attention of renowned wedding designers, resulting in frequent collaborations with luminaries such as Sarah Haywood, Karen Tran, and Amie Bone.

​​The images and films produced by Varna Studios have not only captured hearts but have also earned international acclaim, receiving prestigious awards. Their artistry has graced the pages of renowned magazines, books, and prominent social media platforms, including Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Strictly Weddings, and many more.

“Aurelijus produces art that is captivating and emotionally moving... Each time I have the pleasure to watch his films or admire his photographs, you can clearly see there is a sense of passion embodied in what you are looking at - I am in awe of what he does and beyond blessed to have had the privilege of working with this creative master of his craft.”

- Amie Bone,
Luxury floral designer, London

Crafting Beautiful Visual Narratives

Remaining faithful to his distinct style, Aurelijus consistently unveils an innovative perspective, placing a sharp focus on genuine and raw emotional storytelling. The seamless harmony within his work creates an enchanting visual narrative, truly breathtaking in its execution.

Aurelijus and his team ensure your authentic immersion in the joy of each moment. Whilst infusing every shot with depth and layers of artistic meaning, they deliver a blend of emotional richness and visual sophistication. Tailoring their services to discerning couples with a keen eye for fashion and art, they guarantee that each subject is presented with grace, poise, and natural, untouched beauty.

Every photograph serves as an artistic mirror, reflecting an editorial style reminiscent of magazine spreads, adhering to the principle that if it doesn't deserve a place on your wall as a piece of art, it simply isn't worth capturing.

Photography takes precedence, but they understand the importance of video, adding a deeper layer to your memories with perfectly balanced sounds and music. Their commitment is to capture not just events but the unique story of your love, ensuring your wedding video is a visual poem that deeply connects with the hearts of all those who watch it.

Aurelijus’ joy comes from delivering that "wow" moment and cultivating a unique chemistry with his clients; those who embrace unique styles, possess distinctive tastes and appreciate the beauty of adventures together. Additionally, he finds inspiration in working with couples who not only appreciate art and vision but also seek an enriching and tailored experience, ensuring each wedding film becomes a true reflection of their unique love story.

About Aurelijus Varna

Aurelijus Varna, a versatile talent encompassing the roles of photographer, filmmaker, and director, finds unwavering support and inspiration from his wife, who shares his passion for his craft. Together, they form a loving family with two daughters and their dog Lungo. Settled in their home by the forest, Aurelijus discovers both peace and strength there, essential for tackling his next big project.

In addition to being a coffee lover, travel addict, and adventure enthusiast, Aurelijus finds joy in activities like paragliding and bungee jumping. These daring pursuits not only fuel his adrenaline but also inspire his creative endeavours.

With an extensive portfolio encompassing numerous Western weddings, Aurelijus and his team revel in the unique charm and familiar beauty inherent in these celebrations. Whilst another source of inspiration is rooted in the exploration of new horizons, the immersion in diverse cultures, and the documentation of unique traditions. A wealth of experiences gathered during intimate elopements and multiday weddings.

Whether capturing the vibrant essence of an African gathering, the profound rituals of a Jewish ceremony, or the romantic ambience of a Parisian affair, the vastness of the world, diverse locations, and the unique lights of places like Italy or Dubai become the sparks that ignite Aurelijus's creativity. The thrill of crafting something extraordinary, a cinematic masterpiece that resonates deeply with both couples and himself, elicits an indescribable feeling.

“As a wedding planner, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous photographers over the years, but none have impressed me as much as Aurelijus. His keen eye for detail and his ability to find the perfect angle or lighting brought out the beauty and magic of each of our weddings.”

Dubai wedding planner, Zainab Alsalih

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