Fantasia 3 By Amie Bone

May 16, 2024

Fantasia 3 isn’t just an event; it’s a three-day masterclass that draws florists and planners from around the world. Beyond the mesmerizing displays and creative sessions, it’s a gathering of industry professionals seeking to hone their craft and exchange ideas. The pinnacle of the event is the incredible gala dinner, where luminaries from the wedding and luxury industry converge. It’s a night of networking, inspiration, and celebration, where top professionals share insights and forge connections amidst an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Fantasia 3 isn’t just about flowers; it’s about fostering a global community of excellence and creativity.

Fantasia 3, an event by Amie Bone, marks the culmination of years of creative evolution. Having known Amie for many years, witnessing her artistic journey has been a privilege. Fantasia 3, the third installment of her event series, offered a captivating blend of innovation and elegance. As filmmakers entrusted with capturing the essence of the occasion, we delved into the intricate details behind the scenes, weaving together a narrative that showcased the event’s magnificence. From the behind-the-scenes magic to the grandeur of the main event, our films aimed to encapsulate the sheer beauty and creativity that defines Fantasia by Amie Bone.

Floral Visionary Amie Bone Flowers 
Event Planner Cranberry Blue Events 
Videographer Varna Studios
Venue Waddesdon Events 
Fantasia 3 & Butterfly Ball Caterer Alison Price & Company 
Marquee Jb Marquees
Production Luminaire Events 
Entertainment Elan Artists 
VIP Host Venue Four Seasons Hampshire 
Cocktails & Bar The Drunken Jockeys 
Stationery Print Smith 
Photography – Fantasia Main Event SanShine Photography 
Photography – Behind The Scenes Camila Joy Photography 
Cake Hall of Cakes 
Furniture & Tableware Options Greathire 
Hair & Makeup Chloegh Bridal 
Live illustrations Live event artist 
Event Security Forculus_security_services 
Bespoke Candles Wick and tallow 
Support Florist Stock Florist 
Flower Supplier Vanderplas Flowersplants 
Floral Sundries The baggery sundries 
Toilets Call of nature loohire 
Green Waste Composting Compost 
Chandeliers Crescent Moon Events 

Photo credit Sunshine Photography

Photo credit Camila Joy Photography


Few film stills from the event

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